Custom Fabric Filter Bags & Sleeves

Optimized Filter Bags improve vacuum & catch dust down to 1 micron!

Food Processing

AMERICAN FABRIC FILTER CO. began making breather/filter bags and transfer sleeves to use with it's own CS-1 Sifter nearly 20 years ago.

With many FDA-approved fabrics to work with, we now make products from tiny vent socks to entire silo covers. We can duplicate, and often improve, the filters you currently use. Added details such as a more convenient hanging tab with grommet, or bungee cord in the hem may make filter replacement faster and more efficient.

In addition to venting and filtering, AFF provides custom fabric & rubber transfer and pressure sleeves; catch cloths; corrugated rubber "boots"; Morris couplings, site glass and ductwork, large and small sifters along with replacement flat and reel screens, and many vital accessories.

Call, fax or e-mail us for a no-obligation evaluation of your equipment's performance and a free quote.

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